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Ship Liberty of the Seas second in a row liner new class of "FREEDOM" was launched in May 2007.

A new class of ships "Freedom" was a breakthrough in the global cruise industry. In addition, this class exceeds its size and capacity of all existing cruise ships in the world, ships of this class offer the latest developments
in the infrastructure of in-flight entertainment.

Interesting facts:

On the liner is spent per day 1,400 tons of fresh water and 35 tons of ice.
During the cruise week:
Prepared 105 000 different dishes/ 18 000 pizzas
Consumed 2,900 bottles of wine, 10 700 bottles and 8 500 cans of beer
Consumed 30 tonnes of fruit and vegetables
Boxing ring Casino CasinoRoyale Catacombs bar Entrance Fitness-centre FreeRide_zone Freedom_Presidential_Suite H2O zone LIBERTY of the SEAS..DISNEY MAGIC...BRILLIANCE of the SEAS..puerto de barcelona..29-7-2011 LS-bar LS_cabins LS_deck Liberty of the seas Liberty-Seas-Royal-Caribbean-LARGE Liberty-of-the-Seas-interior Liberty1 LibertyJuniorSuite LibertyOceanviewSuite LibertyOwnersSuite LibertyPlatinumTheater LibertyPresidentialFamilySuiteI LibertyPresidentialFamilySuiteII LibertyPresidentialSuiteIII Liberty_Of_The_Seas Liberty_Of_The_Seas_22-04-2007 Liberty_Of_The_Seas_At_Port_Of_Miami_Florida_Big Liberty_of_the_Seas_and_Staten_Island_Ferry MS-Liberty-of-the-SeaIn1 MainDiningRoom PoolDeck Pool_nightlife Restaurant_Chops_Grille RoyalePromenade1 RoyalePromenade3 Thatre The Sphinx bar TheLivingRoom- KidsJuiceBar Theatre 2 golf item2.size.liberty-of-the-seas-100738_3 item3.size.liberty-of-the-seas-100738_4 item4.size.liberty-of-the-seas-100738_5 liberty-of-the-seas-h2o-zone liberty33 libertydecks025 promenade 2

Cruise itinerary

Date Port Location Arrival Time Departure Time
09.07.2014 Barcelona,Spania 7:30
09.08.2014 Toulon,France 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
09.09.2014 Nice,France 7:00 AM 7:00 PM
09.10.2014 Florence,Italy 7:00 AM 7:00 PM
09.11.2014 Rome,Italy 7:00 AM 7:00 PM
09.12.2014 Naples,Italy 7:00 AM 7:00 PM
09.13.2014 Cruising
09.14.2014 Barcelona,Spain 6:00 AM

Cruise specials


Oriflame Gold Conference 2014 event proposal “Dream Liner” Welcome Party: “Captain’s Party” Main idea: Captain’s party is the celebration for true leaders! The night for the best of the best, only genuine captains are invited. Each guest is the captain of his own dream. He works everyday for the good of his business – for the good of Oriflame! But even captains need to rest. This night is the most fabulous night of Oriflame captains on the most splendid deck of the superb liner. Dress code: stripes! White, blue and bright green colors are most appropriate
Лайнер мечты


Business conference: “Full speed ahead!” Main idea: Oriflame Dream Liner is heading to success for more than 45 years gathering speed each year. This time we suggest using the slogan “Full Speed Ahead!” –a sea term, a call to move forward at maximum speed. Each guest of the Conference is a captain with his own fleet. Somebody has a small fleet yet and another has hundreds and even thousands of ships. They are Oriflame navy altogether! Oriflame captains are handy at using fair wind and sea currents, leading their fleet and steering the course to success. Go for your dream - «Full speed ahead»!
All speed ahead

Gala dinner

Gala Event: “Dream Party” Main idea: Tonight is the night that everyone dreams about! The most splendid liner in the world, successful and happy people around, chic dresses and classy suits, Mediterranean sea, delicious food and drinks only! That is all you can only imagine, but as we know Oriflame make even Sveta dreams come true! We will also recall the best moments of our cruise at Dream party, feeling the spirit of Italy, France and Spain again. Numerous surprises, fancy dressing up of each guest, new Oriflame presidents’ announcement, world-famous superstar performance! Welcome on board of Oriflame Dream party!
Dream Party


Spain – is an ancient land, which always knew the secret of youth. The birthplace of Columbus and Dali, Goya and Velazquez, Picasso and Gaudi. Probably it will take a lifetime to explore the whole Spain and all the facets of the life of this small continent. You will not find the cultural wealth anywhere in Europe, which Spanish fiesta are famous for. Traveling from town to town, you move from celebration to celebration. Amazing hospitality and friendliness, openness and courtesy – are the part of a traditional Spanish character. You will make sure that there is nothing funnier than the local festivities and celebrations, which do not exist without a hearty feast , strong vintage wines , music and dazzling fireworks . From all over the world, people come to admire the beauty, to touch it and to keep it forever in their hearts! It is impossible not to fall in love with this country!


Barcelona – is the city of flowers , contemporaneity and antiquity . Lovely people - the inhabitants of Barcelona - are peaceful people , who are very friendly in nature and are always ready to help their neighbors . Barcelona - is a part of Spain, where every person feels himself like at home , is accepted as a long-time friend . Barcelona - since ancient times was considered to be the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean. That is why so many Europeans and people from other continents think that the life here is a dream . But to realize this dream is real. In the summer of Barcelona is filled with fragrant flowers and chirping birds. Barcelona is very different from Madrid , Rome , Berlin and other European cities. This is the city of Porto, the city where the great Gaudi lived and worked.
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France is a little bit light-minded, an unusual graceful founder of fine cuisine and Couture’s fashion. It is close to all of us from the childhood because of our famous literary characters like D'Artagnan and his friends Three Musketeers were fighting for the love of friendship and truth just at the spot. France is the country of love, exquisite women, palace intrigues, great architectural monuments, amazing landscapes, stylish boutiques, unforgettable nightlife, elite resorts, incomparable drinks ... But is it all? Also it is the country of great scientists, artists, writers and the country of "La Marseillaise", Napoleon, the Resistance, the songs of Edith Piaf. So in one word, a little tired of the burden of centuries, but always beautiful France ...


A very picturesque town is situated between Marseille and Saint-Tropez. It is a small harbor city of Toulon, which lies on the Mediterranean Sea. Many travelers and visitors admit that Toulon is the most beautiful port in Europe. The city has many educational institutions, which in some way are connected with seafaring, for example a school for sea doctors, a school for sailors and stokers , Nautical School . Of course, in Toulon there are charming options which are available in every standard marine city, especially all kinds of bars, where the sailors take a rest, and, of course, restaurants, which propose seafood cuisine . Overall layout of the city is quite typical. City originates near Mount Faron and grows in the direction of the harbor terraces. The old city is located near the port. New constructions and buildings are situated above. There is a constantly working funicular that can take you to the top of the mountain, that could be interesting for the guests or those who just want to explore the city from a height and experience its glory.
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Creative and dynamic Nice is constantly evolving, changing and improving itself . Urban, cultural, spa and gastronomic discoveries offer plenty of opportunities to spend a great and emotionally rich holiday. In Nice, everything is wonderful: museums, art galleries , old houses and luxury palaces. Promenade des Anglais and the bronze dome of the Negresco Hotel are known all over the world. On closer acquaintance you will like the lesser-known corners of Nice, such as small streets in the center. In addition the block in the Opera district and the area of the Palace of Justice with the famous flower market and many small restaurants with local cuisine is completely closed for cars and is an ideal place for tourists
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Italy ... this word infatuates many travelers. A lot of people visit the homeland of spaghetti and pizza, driving in their imagination the fights of gladiators, emperors and Roman legions, the eternal city of Rome, the Italian mafia, a Formula 1 " Ferrari" team, the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, the Pope, Sylvester Stallone, Sophie Lauren and even ninja turtles, which are named after the great Italian masters: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello. All of Europe is made for admiring and Italy is made for living. Everyone who once has visited Italy says goodbye to the other lands. “Who once has been to heaven, will not want to come back to the land, "- said once Gogol. Italy is like a good wine, you need to savor it, "drink" slowly, sip by sip, in order to feel the incomparable "bouquet" of this beautiful country...


One of the most beautiful Italian cities - Florence is a museum, located in the open air. This place is situated on the River Arno in the heart of the Tuscany region . Florence is rich in architectural , historical and cultural attractions. There are a lot of cathedrals, basilicas and churches, each of which is unique and different. In addition, tourists can visit galleries and museums, which present amazing works of art and masterpieces of painting. Squares, palaces and bridges - these are just a small part of the beauty of Florence, which is able to enchant every guest. Everyone who has ever seen the city falls in love with it forever.

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The Eternal City "- is, of course, Rome, lying on the banks of the Tiber. The history of this place dates back several thousand years, and almost all of that time it had a huge impact on the whole Europe , including its farthest corners , such as the United Kingdom . Rome owned vast territories, while remaining the center of multi-million dollar empire, which no one could resist . Now Rome is considered to be one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Europe , because only here you can touch the ancient history of antiquity , having seen firsthand the Coliseum and other buildings of that time , and enjoy the harmony and beauty of a later period. All these monuments have made the place look incredibly luxurious: it is impossible to see all of the sights of this city even in few weeks, that is why many tourists are coming back here again and again.

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The largest city in the Southern Italy - is Naples, which is the third largest city in the country. Now there are about half a million of people living there. Naples is located near the Mount Vesuvius - the volcano that destroyed Pompeii during the next eruption. Culture and business life of the city is closely connected with the port , because it is a good location which made Naples so prosperous and rich in its time . And the interesting fact is that it is assumed to think that Naples is the place where pizza appeared first, so it is a must for all the fans of this dish to visit the Neapolitan restaurants which serve undoubtedly the most delicious " Margarita" in the entire country , and perhaps even in the world !
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